25 Hottest Human Beings to Walk this Planet?

Okay i was just getting a bit bored and started looking up hot brits.. and gee there were heaps but then I started looking at all the websites with “the hot guys” and I just thought..

Me- Why isn’t (massive list of guys) here? This is crazy

Not before long I was texting a good friend asking for hot guys names so I could make my own list which would soon become a gorgeous guy blog post.

So to pick up your day that might have not been going well… heres a select few of the most beautiful people. Don’t hate me if ur fav isn’t here, message me.

Also they are NOT in order… mainly because i’m too lazy. sorry! jk not really.


Name: Leonardo Dicaprio

Where you see him: Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street, Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet

My op: chose a young photo of him because he is gorgeous there



Name: Zac Efron

Where you see him: High school musical, 17 again

My op: geez those abs



Name: Troyler aka Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan

Where you see hims: youtube and Troye xmen and spud

My op: they come as a beautiful gay duo (they get 3 because it just looks better) 





Name: Theo James

Where you see him: Divergent

My op: he isn’t very photogenic but his english accent and the divergent movie is enough



Name: Sam Claflin

Where you see him: Catching fire and pirates of the Caribbean. (one of them idk which one) 

My op: gorgeous brit with really nice eyes



Name: Ryan Gosling

Where you see him: Crazy stupid love and the Notebook

My op: his eyes are funny in this photo but here (click this) is a link to something you might want to check out about him



Name: Lucas Till

Where you see him: that miley cycrus movie

My op: crush when i was like 8

"X-Men: First Class" New York Premiere


Name: Liam Hemsworth

Where you see him: Hunger Games and the sad movie with miley cyrus

My op: HE IS AUSTRALIAN is that cool or not bc i think its cool



Name: Kian Lawley

Where you see him: Youtube and O2L

My op: funny guy + he’s hot



Name: Alex Pettyfer

Where you see him: Wild child, Alex rider, I am number 4

My op: gorgeous brit



Name: Channing Tatum

Where you see him: Funny movies

My op: he’s a hot 40 year old



Name: Josh Hutcherson

Where you see him: Hunger Games, those island movies, Bridge to Terabithia

My op: my Year 7 celebrity crush

josh hutcherson


Name: Joe Sugg

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: he has got the most amazing british accent and he has a hot bodaaayyy and he is so funny that is why he gets 2

joe suhgg joe sugg


Name: Jake Abel

Where you see him: Percy Jackson

My op: he is a hot guy.

jaek abel


Name: Jack Harries

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: I didn’t think that it was humanly possible to sprout again but this guy (and his twin) did it

jack h


Name: Finn Harries

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: The twin of Jack and just as gorgeous

finn h


Name: Harry Styles

Where you see him: everywhere

My op: his dimples. his eyes. his face. his hair. his bod. his everything

harry styles


Name: Nicholas Hoult

Where you see him: Xmen, Jenifer Lawrence’s ex

My op: he has really nice eyes, once again



Name: Douglas Booth

Where you see him: LOL, Romeo and Juliet, Noah

My op: my favorite movie out of those is Romeo and Juliet ^



Name: David Beckham

Where you see him: idk anymore bc he retired

My op: the hottest athlete



Name: Dave Franco

Where you see him: 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump street, Now You See Me

My op: hes hotter than his brother



Name: Chris Pine

Where you see him: this means war

My op: once again gorgeous eyes


Name: Andrew Garfield

Where you see him: Spiderman


andrew garfield


Name: Alex O’Loughlin

Where you see him: Hawaii 5-O

My op: 5-O was my favorite tv show



SO many hot guys on one page!!!

Thats it guys

come read later (see i wasn’t specific because idk when I will post another)




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