Im just giving an update on my life: in french.

I’ m in French right now and am really not paying attention.

Sorry for the complete lack of posting on this blog, I’ve just been really busy and idk I just have so much to share.

As of the time you have seen me…  I have started a youtube channel and it has been more popular than I expected, and i’m not going to promote it here, because that is not the point, this blog is used for me to be able to just talk and I don’t want to self promote here but if you want to know what the channel is then you can always leave me a cheeky message!

Sorry Madame but french is really not my forte and this i think is just a bit more interesting.

I don’t know if i have told you, but I have got a pen pal from New Zealand, she is amazing and if you are reading this Sam, I hope you do well in your finals and all the work you are doing! I have never had a proper pen pal before and because the internet happened, I was able to have one! It’s easier than you think, I just messaged her and asked if she wanted to be friends and then we started a private blog together so we could just talk. It is fun.

I know I seem to be blabbering to myself quite a bit but I can not contain my excitement! I went to the Youtube Fan fest on sunday and I really enjoyed it and everyone was super fun and the atmosphere was crazy. It was fun. Okay and I said that I wouldn’t self promote but I talked about this on my youtube channel.

idk when I will update but until then !





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