Let me intrest you about my holiday

For the what, past 5 or so weeks I haven’t posted anything on my blog. It’s not like I have a massive audience to live up to but I am sorry for not posting.

It’s strange because I have just travelled overseas for the first time in about 2-4 years and it was amazingly fun. If you want to read about my opinions on the places I visited, then continue reading but if you don’t have a quick peek at Patrick Star. Once a legend. Always a legend.Let me intrest you about my holiday

I visited two major countries, the USA and Canada. I think the portrayed picture of US is like so good and polished but sorry I think I prefer Canada. The two cities I have to compare between the two is Vancouver, Canada and Hawai’i, USA. Sorry Hawai’ians but Hawai’i was so old and run down and designed specifically for tourists. I think as an Australian I had very high standards for the beaches, I was sadly disappointed with the main beach in Honolulu, Waikiki Beach. The sand was grainy, there were too many rocks and guess what, it was as flat as my iphone! Hawai’i was a place developed and designed for tourists which is too bad because I can see why this would be called paradise. But some plus points on Hawai’i, great shopping, no wonder why everyone comes back from Hawai’i with so many clothes, Hawai’i has the best shrimp truck omg yum.

photo (3) Me and my cousin in Ala Mona by our style icon’s fashion line in Aèropostale Hawai’i

Vancouver on the other hand was a beautiful city. In the beginning of winter when we arrived, it was nice and cool, with consistent temperatures of 5-7 degrees Celsius every day *take the hint Aussie weather* it was a very nice and sophisticated city and I fell in love instantly.

One word, Starbucks. What is up with this franchise, IT IS EVERYWHERE. I see why Aussie teens make such a big deal about it, you can only get it from about one or two stores in Sydney but in Vancouver seriously? every corner? Its not that good is it? That is what I was thinking before I tried their Peppermint Hot Chocolate in Whistler Village. I fell into their trap. Whoops.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.34.32 AMHooked on Starbucks Whistler

I was thinking of just posting random posts every Tuesday, tell me what you think x

Also should I post about what I bought?

Tune in Tuesday for another blog post, hopefully 😉


Adeleine x


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