Skiing to Scuba Diving… Typical Family holiday?

ImageOur family to say the least is very… adventurous, is one word for it.

In our Summer holidays, we are going to two different extreme holidays locations. Whistler and Hawaii. This is so exciting our family love skiing and me and my mum are also into scuba diving, me receiving my Junior Open Water last year.  We have been skiing together since 2009 but only in Australia. In lucky circumstances we have had maybe 70cm at most of snow and that has been luxurious. This year was the worst season by far with a bare 50cm at most, with no new snowfall the entire week we were at the resort. Ridiculous I know. But we are going to Whistler where there is snow in Summer, so going mid-winter there is over 11m of snow. If you are also a fellow rider of the snow, you can understand how excited I am to go skiing on this trip. Finally having enough snow to actually ski on. Heaven. Actually, its above the cloud level so maybe it is heaven… for us skiers anyway.


From minus fifteen degrees winds and being on the mountain peaks of Whistler, to being in Hawaii with thirty degree heats every day. Great to warm up, eh? This trip to Hawaii is exciting, it is the trip where we can scuba dive and shop till we drop! There is going to be gorgeous weather every single day, and warm waters surrounding the islands. With these warm waters come the coral and the life that the coral brings. The dives here are going to be spectacular, definitely better than Sydney’s Shelly Beach on a cloudy raining day, but maybe not as good as the Australian World Icon the Great Barrier Reef.


This post is a little bit different to the regular Tuesday Pop Culture Updates but I couldn’t contain my excitement so I had to make a blog post about it.

As always tune in next Tuesday for a Pop Culture Update


Adeleine x


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