It’s Mackenzie Zales duh.


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My weekly update on Pop Culture-

Youtube: MPGIS (Most Popular Girls In School), this is like my favourite youtube only show. Its so funny, it tells the life of the teens at Overland Park High, they swear a bit and over exaggerate the common events in a teens life but thats what makes it funny. This is also made with a unique style of stop motion animation using barbie dolls! I loved this style and that is why I still watch it. My favourite character is Diandra, who got into the middle of a Cheer squad fight and had her arms ripped off. Gory, not really but hilarious and now has a bionic arm. With over 30 episodes, this is something I would recommend subscribing to on Youtube.


Diandra stating at the prom that she had her arms ripped off


Diandra (middle) at the school prom


Trisha Cappelleti holding Diandra’s arms, after they were ripped off

Tv: Two words, New Girl. I discovered this in class the other week and its a really good show. Its about Jess who has all these problems whilst being hilariously amusing in dealing with it. At the moment, lots of my friends are watching Game of Thrones, and they say that it is a really good series (Rose), but I watched the 1st 10mins of this show and it was gore central! You could say i’m more into comedy than horror action tv shows. Oh and ja’mie private school girl happened and ended.


New Girl main cast


Ja’mie (Chris Lilley)  

Magazines: t-vogue anyone? I recently bought their December edition, which I had never bought before, its actually really suitable to my age range and the issue is also not as pricey as the original vogue magazine, a good substitute.


Teen Vogue December 2013

Tune in Next Tuesday for another update


Adeleine x


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