Today I decided that I would talk about my favourite celebrities, THE YOUTUBERS!

So this rising sensation…Youtubers are uniquely brilliant people, working as individuals or with one another to provide entertainment for anyone with spare time.

These guys are my celebrity idols, they are so funny and just talented. They have worked hard to gain their subs and each week they create awesome videos to entertain us on those bored days everyone has.

At the moment the british youtubers are doing a vlogmas series which is really entertaining and worth watching each one.

The thing about youtube is  that anyone can start up, and as you would guess there are many people who aspire to be like their youtube idols, flooding the meetups and stopping at any chance to grab a photo with them or promote their own little channels. I personally havn’t done anything like that yet.. but during these school holidays… who knows what can happen?

Tune in Tuesday for another pop culture update


Adeleine x


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