Pop Culture eh?

London Fashion Week SS14 - Fashion East show

Its Harry Styles btw

Here is my little daily comment on Pop culture.. I hope it will be daily, I might get busy!

Music: I’m really feeling into the aussie radio music! Atm, idk why but I am really feeling into the mood of blogging and listening to my music. I just love my music and its just what would you call it great! Im listing to like the iTunes top 40 and being a total noob with music but idk I just love this stuff!

Youtube: As I have been looking at…Youtube has had a rise to fame recently, it has become so popular that the youtubers are almost as high profile as celebrities but the thing is… they are so relatable not like the untouchable hollywood celebs because they run their own channel and worked hard for it. Youtube is also a platform where even I can give it a try.

Tv: Who watches thisnow days when online episodes exists

Magazines: Is it just me or is dolly and girlfriend getting worse and worse… and yen just being too alty? Any Magazine ideas?


x Adeleine


3 thoughts on “Pop Culture eh?

  1. I thought yen was a good mag but yes i know what you mean by it being tooo alty!
    Ur music is actually decent, I listen to the radio heaps too so I love their songs

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