My first Blog Post

My first Blog Post

Well, Hi guys this is the first blogpost I have made and i’ve decided that today it will be Christmas themed, cus you know… it’s almost Christmas hey?

Anyway I wanted to start this blog so that I’d have somewhere to post different ideas I have about events and things at school, message me about any problems or anything and I will probably talk about it in my next post.

A you probably know, by the minute it is getting closer to “the” chrissy! Which I am super pumped for! Its just the best time with your family and friends, a good time to eat and dress fancy. Two of my favourite things. This christmas talk is just getting me into the spirit!

“DECK THE HALLS WITH BELLS AND HOLLY”- I sing whilst decking the hall with bells and holly

I don’t know about you guys but I live in Sydney and last weekend Troye Sivan visited Sydney. Yes I know isn’t that just amazing? But the bad part is I didn’t get to see him 😦 yes everyone knows how sad I am.

Troye watch out… i’m coming to get you.

hahah that was a joke sorry.

Anyway how should I end my little posts? Message me


Fav song: Krazy by Pitbull

Fav blog: Oxhegen

Fav food: Olives


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