25 Hottest Human Beings to Walk this Planet?

Okay i was just getting a bit bored and started looking up hot brits.. and gee there were heaps but then I started looking at all the websites with “the hot guys” and I just thought..

Me- Why isn’t (massive list of guys) here? This is crazy

Not before long I was texting a good friend asking for hot guys names so I could make my own list which would soon become a gorgeous guy blog post.

So to pick up your day that might have not been going well… heres a select few of the most beautiful people. Don’t hate me if ur fav isn’t here, message me.

Also they are NOT in order… mainly because i’m too lazy. sorry! jk not really.


Name: Leonardo Dicaprio

Where you see him: Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street, Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet

My op: chose a young photo of him because he is gorgeous there



Name: Zac Efron

Where you see him: High school musical, 17 again

My op: geez those abs



Name: Troyler aka Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan

Where you see hims: youtube and Troye xmen and spud

My op: they come as a beautiful gay duo (they get 3 because it just looks better) 





Name: Theo James

Where you see him: Divergent

My op: he isn’t very photogenic but his english accent and the divergent movie is enough



Name: Sam Claflin

Where you see him: Catching fire and pirates of the Caribbean. (one of them idk which one) 

My op: gorgeous brit with really nice eyes



Name: Ryan Gosling

Where you see him: Crazy stupid love and the Notebook

My op: his eyes are funny in this photo but here (click this) is a link to something you might want to check out about him



Name: Lucas Till

Where you see him: that miley cycrus movie

My op: crush when i was like 8

"X-Men: First Class" New York Premiere


Name: Liam Hemsworth

Where you see him: Hunger Games and the sad movie with miley cyrus

My op: HE IS AUSTRALIAN is that cool or not bc i think its cool



Name: Kian Lawley

Where you see him: Youtube and O2L

My op: funny guy + he’s hot



Name: Alex Pettyfer

Where you see him: Wild child, Alex rider, I am number 4

My op: gorgeous brit



Name: Channing Tatum

Where you see him: Funny movies

My op: he’s a hot 40 year old



Name: Josh Hutcherson

Where you see him: Hunger Games, those island movies, Bridge to Terabithia

My op: my Year 7 celebrity crush

josh hutcherson


Name: Joe Sugg

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: he has got the most amazing british accent and he has a hot bodaaayyy and he is so funny that is why he gets 2

joe suhgg joe sugg


Name: Jake Abel

Where you see him: Percy Jackson

My op: he is a hot guy.

jaek abel


Name: Jack Harries

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: I didn’t think that it was humanly possible to sprout again but this guy (and his twin) did it

jack h


Name: Finn Harries

Where you see him: Youtube

My op: The twin of Jack and just as gorgeous

finn h


Name: Harry Styles

Where you see him: everywhere

My op: his dimples. his eyes. his face. his hair. his bod. his everything

harry styles


Name: Nicholas Hoult

Where you see him: Xmen, Jenifer Lawrence’s ex

My op: he has really nice eyes, once again



Name: Douglas Booth

Where you see him: LOL, Romeo and Juliet, Noah

My op: my favorite movie out of those is Romeo and Juliet ^



Name: David Beckham

Where you see him: idk anymore bc he retired

My op: the hottest athlete



Name: Dave Franco

Where you see him: 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump street, Now You See Me

My op: hes hotter than his brother



Name: Chris Pine

Where you see him: this means war

My op: once again gorgeous eyes


Name: Andrew Garfield

Where you see him: Spiderman


andrew garfield


Name: Alex O’Loughlin

Where you see him: Hawaii 5-O

My op: 5-O was my favorite tv show



SO many hot guys on one page!!!

Thats it guys

come read later (see i wasn’t specific because idk when I will post another)



Im just giving an update on my life: in french.

I’ m in French right now and am really not paying attention.

Sorry for the complete lack of posting on this blog, I’ve just been really busy and idk I just have so much to share.

As of the time you have seen me…  I have started a youtube channel and it has been more popular than I expected, and i’m not going to promote it here, because that is not the point, this blog is used for me to be able to just talk and I don’t want to self promote here but if you want to know what the channel is then you can always leave me a cheeky message!

Sorry Madame but french is really not my forte and this i think is just a bit more interesting.

I don’t know if i have told you, but I have got a pen pal from New Zealand, she is amazing and if you are reading this Sam, I hope you do well in your finals and all the work you are doing! I have never had a proper pen pal before and because the internet happened, I was able to have one! It’s easier than you think, I just messaged her and asked if she wanted to be friends and then we started a private blog together so we could just talk. It is fun.

I know I seem to be blabbering to myself quite a bit but I can not contain my excitement! I went to the Youtube Fan fest on sunday and I really enjoyed it and everyone was super fun and the atmosphere was crazy. It was fun. Okay and I said that I wouldn’t self promote but I talked about this on my youtube channel.

idk when I will update but until then !




Let me intrest you about my holiday

For the what, past 5 or so weeks I haven’t posted anything on my blog. It’s not like I have a massive audience to live up to but I am sorry for not posting.

It’s strange because I have just travelled overseas for the first time in about 2-4 years and it was amazingly fun. If you want to read about my opinions on the places I visited, then continue reading but if you don’t have a quick peek at Patrick Star. Once a legend. Always a legend.Let me intrest you about my holiday

I visited two major countries, the USA and Canada. I think the portrayed picture of US is like so good and polished but sorry I think I prefer Canada. The two cities I have to compare between the two is Vancouver, Canada and Hawai’i, USA. Sorry Hawai’ians but Hawai’i was so old and run down and designed specifically for tourists. I think as an Australian I had very high standards for the beaches, I was sadly disappointed with the main beach in Honolulu, Waikiki Beach. The sand was grainy, there were too many rocks and guess what, it was as flat as my iphone! Hawai’i was a place developed and designed for tourists which is too bad because I can see why this would be called paradise. But some plus points on Hawai’i, great shopping, no wonder why everyone comes back from Hawai’i with so many clothes, Hawai’i has the best shrimp truck omg yum.

photo (3) Me and my cousin in Ala Mona by our style icon’s fashion line in Aèropostale Hawai’i

Vancouver on the other hand was a beautiful city. In the beginning of winter when we arrived, it was nice and cool, with consistent temperatures of 5-7 degrees Celsius every day *take the hint Aussie weather* it was a very nice and sophisticated city and I fell in love instantly.

One word, Starbucks. What is up with this franchise, IT IS EVERYWHERE. I see why Aussie teens make such a big deal about it, you can only get it from about one or two stores in Sydney but in Vancouver seriously? every corner? Its not that good is it? That is what I was thinking before I tried their Peppermint Hot Chocolate in Whistler Village. I fell into their trap. Whoops.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.34.32 AMHooked on Starbucks Whistler

I was thinking of just posting random posts every Tuesday, tell me what you think x

Also should I post about what I bought?

Tune in Tuesday for another blog post, hopefully 😉


Adeleine x

Skiing to Scuba Diving… Typical Family holiday?

ImageOur family to say the least is very… adventurous, is one word for it.

In our Summer holidays, we are going to two different extreme holidays locations. Whistler and Hawaii. This is so exciting our family love skiing and me and my mum are also into scuba diving, me receiving my Junior Open Water last year.  We have been skiing together since 2009 but only in Australia. In lucky circumstances we have had maybe 70cm at most of snow and that has been luxurious. This year was the worst season by far with a bare 50cm at most, with no new snowfall the entire week we were at the resort. Ridiculous I know. But we are going to Whistler where there is snow in Summer, so going mid-winter there is over 11m of snow. If you are also a fellow rider of the snow, you can understand how excited I am to go skiing on this trip. Finally having enough snow to actually ski on. Heaven. Actually, its above the cloud level so maybe it is heaven… for us skiers anyway.


From minus fifteen degrees winds and being on the mountain peaks of Whistler, to being in Hawaii with thirty degree heats every day. Great to warm up, eh? This trip to Hawaii is exciting, it is the trip where we can scuba dive and shop till we drop! There is going to be gorgeous weather every single day, and warm waters surrounding the islands. With these warm waters come the coral and the life that the coral brings. The dives here are going to be spectacular, definitely better than Sydney’s Shelly Beach on a cloudy raining day, but maybe not as good as the Australian World Icon the Great Barrier Reef.


This post is a little bit different to the regular Tuesday Pop Culture Updates but I couldn’t contain my excitement so I had to make a blog post about it.

As always tune in next Tuesday for a Pop Culture Update


Adeleine x

It’s Mackenzie Zales duh.


Click on the image to see it move

My weekly update on Pop Culture-

Youtube: MPGIS (Most Popular Girls In School), this is like my favourite youtube only show. Its so funny, it tells the life of the teens at Overland Park High, they swear a bit and over exaggerate the common events in a teens life but thats what makes it funny. This is also made with a unique style of stop motion animation using barbie dolls! I loved this style and that is why I still watch it. My favourite character is Diandra, who got into the middle of a Cheer squad fight and had her arms ripped off. Gory, not really but hilarious and now has a bionic arm. With over 30 episodes, this is something I would recommend subscribing to on Youtube.


Diandra stating at the prom that she had her arms ripped off


Diandra (middle) at the school prom


Trisha Cappelleti holding Diandra’s arms, after they were ripped off

Tv: Two words, New Girl. I discovered this in class the other week and its a really good show. Its about Jess who has all these problems whilst being hilariously amusing in dealing with it. At the moment, lots of my friends are watching Game of Thrones, and they say that it is a really good series (Rose), but I watched the 1st 10mins of this show and it was gore central! You could say i’m more into comedy than horror action tv shows. Oh and ja’mie private school girl happened and ended.


New Girl main cast


Ja’mie (Chris Lilley)  

Magazines: t-vogue anyone? I recently bought their December edition, which I had never bought before, its actually really suitable to my age range and the issue is also not as pricey as the original vogue magazine, a good substitute.


Teen Vogue December 2013

Tune in Next Tuesday for another update


Adeleine x



Today I decided that I would talk about my favourite celebrities, THE YOUTUBERS!

So this rising sensation…Youtubers are uniquely brilliant people, working as individuals or with one another to provide entertainment for anyone with spare time.

These guys are my celebrity idols, they are so funny and just talented. They have worked hard to gain their subs and each week they create awesome videos to entertain us on those bored days everyone has.

At the moment the british youtubers are doing a vlogmas series which is really entertaining and worth watching each one.

The thing about youtube is  that anyone can start up, and as you would guess there are many people who aspire to be like their youtube idols, flooding the meetups and stopping at any chance to grab a photo with them or promote their own little channels. I personally havn’t done anything like that yet.. but during these school holidays… who knows what can happen?

Tune in Tuesday for another pop culture update


Adeleine x

Pop Culture eh?

London Fashion Week SS14 - Fashion East show

Its Harry Styles btw

Here is my little daily comment on Pop culture.. I hope it will be daily, I might get busy!

Music: I’m really feeling into the aussie radio music! Atm, idk why but I am really feeling into the mood of blogging and listening to my music. I just love my music and its just what would you call it great! Im listing to like the iTunes top 40 and being a total noob with music but idk I just love this stuff!

Youtube: As I have been looking at…Youtube has had a rise to fame recently, it has become so popular that the youtubers are almost as high profile as celebrities but the thing is… they are so relatable not like the untouchable hollywood celebs because they run their own channel and worked hard for it. Youtube is also a platform where even I can give it a try.

Tv: Who watches thisnow days when online episodes exists

Magazines: Is it just me or is dolly and girlfriend getting worse and worse… and yen just being too alty? Any Magazine ideas?


x Adeleine

My first Blog Post

My first Blog Post

Well, Hi guys this is the first blogpost I have made and i’ve decided that today it will be Christmas themed, cus you know… it’s almost Christmas hey?

Anyway I wanted to start this blog so that I’d have somewhere to post different ideas I have about events and things at school, message me about any problems or anything and I will probably talk about it in my next post.

A you probably know, by the minute it is getting closer to “the” chrissy! Which I am super pumped for! Its just the best time with your family and friends, a good time to eat and dress fancy. Two of my favourite things. This christmas talk is just getting me into the spirit!

“DECK THE HALLS WITH BELLS AND HOLLY”- I sing whilst decking the hall with bells and holly

I don’t know about you guys but I live in Sydney and last weekend Troye Sivan visited Sydney. Yes I know isn’t that just amazing? But the bad part is I didn’t get to see him 😦 yes everyone knows how sad I am.

Troye watch out… i’m coming to get you.

hahah that was a joke sorry.

Anyway how should I end my little posts? Message me


Fav song: Krazy by Pitbull

Fav blog: Oxhegen

Fav food: Olives